Here's a list of shows that I usually watch (in no particular order). They're not necessarily my favorites, just ones I usually have time to watch and I think are worthy of my time. The bottom is filled with little sections, like explanations of the ratings and small summaries of the show. If you want to listen to some shows' theme songs, feel free to click their name in the jukbox to the left.

This section is kinda old and now I'm not that much into TV anymore, so what's left is just a mix of old and new stuff. Currently, all I really watch is Simpsons. Yup, all-time favorite. :o).

Shows I Often Watch
Show Time Channel Rating
The Simpsons Sunday 8:00-8:30 PM 2 -FOX/KTVU TV-PG
The Family Guy Sunday 8:30-9:00 PM 2 -FOX/KTVU TV-14

In case you didn't know, the National Television Headquarters (whatever) came up with a TV rating system. I mean, this is supposed to be a family site. Here's how it goes:

TV-YSmall Kids- All
TV-Y7Small Kids- At least 7 yrs old
TV-GGeneral Audience- All
TV-PGGeneral Audience- Parental guidance suggested
TV-14General Audience- At least 14 yrs old
TV-MGeneral Audience- At least 17 yrs old

Show Summaries
Here are some summaries of what the show is basically about or why I and lots of other people watch it.

The Simpsons
This cartoon is my favorite show. It's about the Simpson family. What makes this cartoon so funny are mostly the characters. Homer Simpson, the dad, is a dim-witted man with three hairs and is most people's favorite Simpson. Marge is the nagging home-maker mom with about three feet of blue hair. Bart, another one that's loved by all, is the mischievious 10 year-old son. He has two younger sisters. One is Lisa, the usually nerdy 9 year-old who is often being tortured by Bart, and then there's Maggie, the baby that mostly just sucks on her pacifier and crawls around. Most ages like the cartoon because it's jokes are for the smart and... uh... slow. The show will seem funnier if you're smart, but it's still pretty funny if you're not as bright. Another good thing about the show is that the plot is always different, unlike sitcoms, such as Full House. You know, kid gets in trouble, doesn't tell anyone, dad finds out, has mushy talk with kid, they say something "funny", everything's fine and then the show ends.

The Family Guy
This might be my second favorite show. It's really funny and like Simpsons, the show centers around the tubby father of a wacky family. The dad's name is Peter and he's pretty much like Homer Simpson but I guess more... realistic. He's got a wife, three kids, and a sophisticated talking dog named Brian. One of the kids is a super-intelligent baby who tries to do stuff like take over the world. However, this show is definitely not for kids for certain reasons, including excessive swearing. I mean, it's on FOX.

Batman Beyond
It's not really Saturday morning without the cartoons and since Batman Beyond is at about the right time, I watch it. It's also got some cool stuff and maybe humor.

To me, Seinfeld is the best non-cartoon sitcom. It is also a "show about nothing" because it is mostly about ordinary everyday stuff, but made extremely funny. Of course the characters also play an important role as in every show. Seinfeld just wouldn't be the same with different actors. For example, there aren't many Kramers out there, the wacky guy with weird hair and seems to have some spasm thing where he's always jolting around. There are only reruns left since the last episode aired in '98 I think.

Iron Chef
Under the tv listings it's "Fuji TV," probably because it's part of a whole line of Japanese shows on Saturday night. This show and the commercials are all in Japanese, but the show has subtitles on the bottom so you know what people are saying. Iron Chef is basicly a cooking contest, but there's more than that. Every week, there is a "challenger" that the host of the show picks. The host goes around the world and if he hears of any famous chefs or such, he invites the chef to the show to compete against one of the Iron Chefs. At the beginning of the show, the challenger is introduced, then the strange starting. I don't know why, but the starting is the host grabbing a yellow bellpepper, taking a huge bite out of it, giving a "images/thought-that-was-an-Asian-pear-but-I'll-pretend-I bit-into-that-bellpepper-on-purpose" look. Commercials. Then the challenger chooses from three Iron Chefs to cook against. There's the French style, Japanese style, and Chinese style Iron Chef to choose from, each reflecting their cooking style. Next, a theme is announced, which is what the chefs must cook and make it taste yummy. Past examples were huge frogfishes, 3-feet (length) crabs, rice, potatos, and rabbits. The "gong of fate" is sounded and the chefs and their assistants have exactly one hour to whip up a main dish and some side dishes or desserts. The chefs have access to any kitchen appliance, and any food. Expensive truffles are often used. Finally, you get to hear the judges, usually just any famous Japanese movie star, singer, etc nitpick about the food, then spend a couple minutes writing down number scores for each of the dishes. Finally, the host announces the winner and the scores are displayed like an ice skating competition.