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IngredientsUm... maybe I'll let you figure this one out...
AnnouncementsUpdates and news, you'll find it here.
Interactive StoryRead a branching story that other people and I wrote. When you get to a dead end, you can add your own stuff to the story for other people to read.
TubeWorldDo you sit in front of the TV all day, having your eyeballs fried away by radiation? Fry away, my friend! TubeWorld's here to help!
CompuRamaIf you don't take much interest in Mr/Ms/Mrs TV, why not go to Mr/Ms/Mrs Computer? No- wait. You're already there. Computer Stuff's even got easy easy instructions on making your own web page!
Lala LandStories, dialogues, poems, all by me for whatever reason there was.
FunspotJust not suited for radiation? Are those strange, green spots growing all over your skin getting to you, too? Is your other head complaining about the speed you're changing the channels at? Well, you lucky person, you! Click the Funspot!
Sports StopFor some outdoorsie-ness, try some of this stuff. They're no ordinary sports. Shopping cart section included.
Random ThoughtsA collection of things my brain spews out. Could be helpful, entertaining, lame, confusing, profound, you name it...
Poll PlazaMmm-mm! Filled with wholesome poll-ness! Everyone's vote makes a difference (because you'll probably be the only one voting, since I have such rare visits)!
PEZylvaniaStruggling to put up anything new on my page, you'll find some good info on my addiction to PEZ here.
MIDIapolisSome animated GIFs to just stare at, chuckle at, spit at, for your enjoyment.
MenkooizJust a little "for fun" trivia to get your mind going.
Land o' LinksGreat places on the web are listed here for your convenience.
About MeFind out about the wonderful, brilliant author of this terrific and soul-rejoicing site! (a bit high on self-esteem today)
HistoryStuff about this site. Like the history of it.
Nosey Survey Okay, it isn't that much of a survey. It's more of an elaborate guestbook. If you don't have time, you may sign my regular guestbook.
Sign Guestbook Just anything will do, like "hi. nice page". Thanks.
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