Nosy Survey

Big Nostril Guy

Hello. Welcome to the Nosy Survey. You will be asked some nosy questions (okay, they're not really nosy), but you don't have to answer them if you don't want to, but please do your best to add some comments. All I do is read them and occasionally respond, so don't worry about me selling your info or any of that stuff :o) (and no, I won't stalk you). Thanks!

I go by the name of:
My name is (if not listed above):
I have lived for: years (sorry, 5 digits max).
Does not matter, for I am immortal.
I'm a: GuyGal
I live in: City:
State or Province:
My e-mail address is
My own nifty web site is at
Other nifty web sites I like are at
The website(s) above contain stuff like:
The web browser I use is: Netscape
Microsoft IE
None. I have a psychic connection to the net
I found this place by: Searching
Wandering around Geocities
My hobbies are: / I do this stuff to pass the time:
My favorite TV shows are:
My questions/comments/compliments/insults :oP:

I like (check any that apply):
Large, hairy bugs
Paid advertisements for their "amazing products"
Typing "were" on the keyboard
Stapling things

Check the following that apply to you:
My favorite word is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.
My lawn catches fire on a regular basis.
I've tried trimming my own hair with a hole puncher.
I make new friends by standing on my nose, while wiggling around and singing the "Friends" theme song with a mouthful of jalepeños and smiley-face erasers shoved up my nostrils.
I cover bald spots by wrapping my overgrown eyelashes to the back of my head.
The lumbering swamp creature in my backyard has brought me fresh roses within the last week.