Sports Stop

As you probably know, these aren't real sports. Some of them are just games to waste your energy. Well, I guess wasting energy is better than having nothing to do.

Bed Hopping Off-Road Wheelchairs Cart Sledding
Spin Carts Hand-Stand Carts Cart Seats

Bed Hopping

Yup. It's the ol' Bed Hopping. I think this one started out in '94. The point is to jump over a bed. Now, not just a mattress, but the whole bed. You start somewhere far from the bed as a runway, and you run and jump over the bed- the short way, that is. I never tried the long way. If I did, I'd slam into the wall.

For starters, try jumping over a twin sized bed. For those of you who don't know what one is, it's the small kind of bed for one person. Next, you can try bigger beds, like full size or queen size. It's possible. So far, I can jump clear over a queen sized bed, with a whole ton o' crap laying on it (not to brag or anything...heh...heh).

However- as usual- before you start, think safety. I don't like to be blamed for kids trying to jump over their beds and ending up cracking their heads (hey- that rhymes!). If you get injured in any way, it's not my fault! I hold no responsiblility in your own careless injuries! Okey-Dokey.

If you don't think you can jump over the whole bed, try using one of your hands to help you. You know, like you're jumping over a rail or small fence or something. Make sure that the runway and the entire area around the bed is clear and contains no stuff laying around. If you're still not sure, you can lay a couple of blankets and pillows on your landing spot.

Off-Road Wheelchairs

This one started when our Grandma visited. We rented a wheelchair for her and when she didn't need it, my sister and I would go out in the backyard and wheel around. We have a lawn with a little hill in the middle, so we tried to go up the hill in the wheelchair and back down. If you happen to have a wheelchair at home, you can try this, too. You can also try doing wheelies and rolling around on those bumpy bike tracks or going over a road that's filled with speed bumps and time yourself. If you don't have a wheelchair, you can always buy one. Just kidding. You'll never be able to do this stuff without a wheelchair and have fun. If you find out a way, tell me.

Cart Sledding

Most people already know this one, but I still think it's fun. Basically, It's where you step on the little metal thingy above the back wheels and boost yourself with your other foot. But just in case you want to know more, or in better detail, read on.

Okay, first of all, I'm not going to be responsible if anyone ends up crashing in to stuff and breaking it, or getting hurt. You can avoid this by taking these precautions:

Now, the basics. You want to first make sure the cart is "cart sled-able." The cart should have a metal bar above the hind wheels, that is about the height of the spot right between your ankles and knees. Put your foot on that bar. Any foot you're more comfy with. Next, grab the handle bars firmly and use your other foot to boost yourself. Once you get enough speed, you can just cruis along by resting your boosting foot on the metal bar.

You now know basically how to "cart sled." The next step is turning. Let's say you want to turn right. While you're cruising, drag your right foot on the ground that's more to the right. Another way is by slowly stepping on the hind-right wheel. If you're turning left, use your left foot and left wheel.

To stop, put your boosting foot behind you and smush it against the ground. You can also jump off of the metal bar and use both feet to brake.

Now, a "trick." To do a wheelie, pull the handle bars toward yourselft, while pushing the metal bar away from you with your foot. Don't do this while you're cruising. It's pretty much just used for getting the cart on to sidewalks and stuff, if there are no ramps.

Try not to get a cart that's too heavy or light, since it might be harder to control. But if the cart is a little too light, and when you try to cruise, instead the cart keeps tipping back, lean forward when you cruise. That should help. That's what the Nob Hill guys do sometimes. If anybody has any more info on this "cart sledding" stuff, let me know. Thanks.

Spin Carts

I got this one from one of the "viewers" and I'd like to thank them for the idea. Thank you. You start out just by hopping right into the cart. (I quote the "viewer": "Who cares about the groceries? I want the damn cart!" heh heh) You can then have a brother or sister or parent spin the cart around. Be careful the "driver" doesn't hit anybody or let go of you.

Hand-Stand Carts

Here's one that doesn't do much, but if you're shoopping and decided not to buy anything, and want to get rid of that cart, don't just let it sit there! Prop it up like a little cart statue! Not all can, but here's what I'm talking about:
Tilt the cart so that the back (check the diagram at the top of the cart section if you're unsure what is the back) is up and the front is tilted down. Keep tilting until the cart is balancing on just the front wheels and the front of the lower rack that's usually supposed to hold the big heavy stuff. In case you're still unsure, it should look like this:

Cart Seats

This one's not real fun, but sometimes it can be nice. It only works with the kind of cart that opens up in the front. The only one's I know of, that do that, are at Price Costco.

Anyways, you can open up that front thingy and sit at the front of the cart (which is the far end if you're at the handle bars). Use this nice trick if you don't fit in those little kiddy seats.

Also, you can sit there and have someone push you around, while you grab food and toss it into the cart.