PEZ is my favorite candy and I have a bunch of dispensers. I started collecting them in the summer of '97 when my friend gave me a cool storm trooper dispenser. Once I start munching on the PEZ candy, I just can't stop. Now Costco (big wholesale chain) sells packs of 12 dispensers for around $7 so I buy a pack every time I go there and split it with my sister. I usually finish my 6 packs (with two rolls of candy per pack) of Pez in two or three days. If I don't restrain myself, I usually eat about four rolls of PEZ until I get kinda sick of them for a couple hours. I usually restrain myself though, eating two rolls when bored.

My PEZ Dispenser Collection
Character Stem Color
Tweety blue
Bugs Bunny yellow
Creepy-looking clown purple
Storm Trooper white
Smiling Leonardo ninja turtle green
Charlie Brown blue
Grinning Garfield orange
Smiling Garfield orange
Smiling Garfield w/ green hat orange
Green truck blue
Batman navy blue
Santa red
Yosemite Sam blue
Nermal the kitty Gray
Mickey Mouse red