Land o' Links
Land o' Links

Here's a handy-dandy list of web sites that I usually visit when I'm bored. Links here are added and erased according to my current interests. Aah... the advantages of one's own web site. Please click the "Hawaii 5-0" link at the bottom of the left-hand side menu for some surfing tunes.
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Good ol' Fun

Just a bunch of TV advertisements, basically. Recommended for you high bandwidth people, since it might take a while to download the videos using the ol' modem. Some of the good stuff are the Snickers commercials, the commercials (especially the meteor one), the Breast Cancer Society of Canada, and I'm sure there are many more that I'm forgetting.

Logic Mazes
The only one I've tried is the Theseus and Minotaur maze and that kept me busy for quite a while. Be careful, though. You might end up screaming at your computer in frustration.

Just type in any word, phrase, name, etc, and this nifty page will spit back a plethora of different word combinations. Okay, most of the phrases they give back don't make sense, but it's still fun to see what you get. Did you know "Menks' Boredom-B-Gone" can be arranged to spell "Dog, SOB, men, beer, monk"? Now you know.

Here's a nice place for just a bunch of quotes on tons of different topics. I especially love the humor section. It's kinda like going to a store and reading funny bumper stickers.

Evil Overlord, Inc.
I'm sure many of us wanted or still wants to be an evil overlord. By watching TV, we realize the glory and power we can weild, and at the same time notice the typical follies of evil overlords. This site provides you with the much needed information for a successful career in evil overlording.

Bizarre Stuff You Can Make In Your Kitchen
The name says it all. There's tons of neat projects to do on this page. The stuff ranges from science-project-like projects to just fun things to make and play with. If you're a kid, you should have an adult nearby for some of the projects, but if you've got a lot of materials at home and some time on your hands and maybe an interest in scientific stuff, this site is packed with boredom-killing activities.

Bob Online
This is for the people who like random weirdness. You'll either laugh or just kinda go, "Um... I don't get it... uh... that's not funny... hm... pretty lame...". You'll know what I mean.

The Pho King Noodle House Corporation
More random and corny weirdness. I can't believe the dude actually spent money to buy the domain name for this page...


Games and Other Interactivy Stuff

This nifty site basically lets you type something, then translates it about five times to different languages, then back to English each time. Almost every time the original gets more and more distorted and sometimes you'd be surprised at what you end up with after the fifth translation. Kinda like the game "telephone" except the thing uses a translator.

Experience San Francisco
For those that haven't been to San Francisco and want to know what the place is all about, here's a cool place to get a sense of it. Click the buttons and you'll feel yourself immersed in real-time San Francisco-ness!

Lemonade Stand
This one used to be on my links page then disappeared for some reason. Well, I went through my old stuff, found it, and here it is again. It's basically a fun game where you own a lemonade stand and decide how much to sell, how much to spend on advertising, etc. depending on the weather, lemon prices, luck, etc. Lemonade Stand can be quite addicting, so give it shot.

How to Keep an Idiot Busy
Heh heh... this one's really funny. Check it out and see what I mean. Boy, I really love this one.

Kaleidescope Painter
Pretty self-explanatory. It's like drawing your own colorful and really fancy snowflake. Pretty.

Make sure you're not doing anything important with your computer when you visit this place. If you're writing up some really important report (than what are you doing visiting this site?), save whatever you're doing before visiting this link. Don't kill me.

Friends' Pages

Kameko-chan's Homepage
Kameko's beautiful site features plenty of hand-drawn artwork. Spend your time gazing at the pretty pictures she drew, or you can read the intriguing details of her life in her diary, or take a look at the other features, like her "ideal guy" qualifications. Just don't start bothering her with pickup lines or marriage proposals cuz it's getting really old ;o). However, you can feed your urges of burrying her with fan mail at your leisure :o).

GshB Omega
Here's my friend Nate's site, chock-full of search engine goodness. He's also an experience gamer and fan of RTS's (real-time strategy) PC games, so you'll find some of that stuff there, too. It's still in its construction phase, but the search engine's all good.

Demigod Superflea's Page
Cool personal page, and you can go check out his cool '99 Prelude.

My friend Jerome's page has some pics of his bunnies, track stuff, quotes, poetry, and other good stuff that you can't find anywhere else about people named Jerome. His front page has a cow. It says, "Mooooooooooooooo!" Yeah, not one of those cows that go, "Hey. Sup."

Mevin's Manor
Steve's page is kinda out of date, but still a friendly little spot with some pages that... well, you could tell he got bored :o). This page was started a bit before mine and is what inspired me to make my own page. Go Mevin.

Ca's Homepage
My sister's jolly page. Filled with some useful and of course random stuff. Also some funny GIFs sprinkled throughout.

Clarence's Life Story
Read all about the childhood escapades and adventures that Clarence has gone through. Also includes other inspirational stuffs like quotes. Updated daily so you'll be wanting to go back often.

Wendy's Page Thingy
Wendy has a neat page of silly stuff that you might enjoy. Also some polls and whatnot that's nice for you bored sitting people.

Useful Stuff
Bunches of detailed tutorials on random and useful stuff. Also has helpful pics to guide you. A wide range of topics, so if you're confused about anything, try this site.

Like except even more (lots more) tutorials, except these aren't as detailed and don't come with nifty pics.

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