This page was started in the summer of 1996 after my friend, Steven, began his own page. And of course, it was mainly out of boredom. Come to think of it, once you start a web page, it's pretty addictive and it'll keep you busy for quite some time. Then you'll get bored of it. Then you'll think of stuff to add. Then you'll get bored and never update again. Repeat.

Most of the content is also from the summer of 1996. I never read my own site really, so I don't remember half of what's on this site. Most likely if I ever read throught the content, I'd occasionally chuckle or go, "Hm... that's pretty lame..."


I put "programming" in quotes, because I don't know what to call it, since HTML isn't even close to programming. Yes, if you actually tried it, you'd find out it's that easy. Everything was typed up using Super NoteTab Light, which isn't a web page creating program or anything, just a convenient version of the Wordpad program that comes with windows. It's does about the same stuff, but the reason I use it is because all windows you open have a nice row of tabs at the top, so just click on the tabs to switch from one document to the next. So all the HTML and stylesheets (the font/style "templates" I use around the site) are all typed up with good ol' Super NoteTab Light (which BTW is free, like almost everything else I use). I began to use stylesheets (CSS) for overall formatting since the summer of '99 and about January of '00 I switched servers to Prohosting, which allowed me to use CGI. So now I'm starting to learn how to use CGI and a tad teeny itsy bit of PERL, which is used in the guestbook and visitor counter.


Most images and icons on this site were made in 1996-1997 with the little paintbrush program that came with windows. I used various free programs to convert the .bmp files to .gif files. For animated GIFs, I used the also-free Microsoft GIF Animator, which is nothing fancy but does the job just fine. The only thing made with a "fancy" program was the site's title image, which was created with Microsoft Photodraw.