So... I guess you've decided to get away from that TV for a while. This page contains some miscellaneous activities that are meant to be fun (don't blame me if they aren't).

Flibbers Scaring People Crispy Matts
Hand Whistling Launcher Blankets Coin Football
Wrigglin' Straw Wrappers Butt Stompin' Balloons Frustrating People
Mind-Boggling Rubberband Trick Super-Jumpy Paperclip


First off, I didn't make these up. I got this from a book. Whatever that book is, thank you. You're probably wondering what the heck a flibber is. I can't describe it, but you could say it's something like a puffy newspaper sword. You'll know after you make it. Here are the ingredients:

You have a choice of making the standard flibber, or the flibber with a deluxe "hilt." More on the deluxe "hilt" later.

  1. The first step is to open up the big sheets of newspaper and place them on top of eachother, in a neat pile.
  2. Roll it up the long or short way. Long, if you want a longer flibber. Short, if you want a shorter but puffier flibber.
  3. After you roll up the newspaper in to a tube, both openings of the tube should be about an inch to an inch-and-a-half.
  4. Now, take the scissors and choose any end of the tube to cut up.
  5. Start from that end of the tube and cut downwards about 5 to 6 inches.
  6. Make another cut at about an inch next to the first one. Keep doing that until you cut around the whole tube.
  7. While holding the non-cut end of the tube, use your free hand to pinch inner layers of the cut end and pull them outward. Be careful not to tear the strips. Try to pull them out as much as you can.
  8. Tape the non-fluffy end of the tube to hold its shape.
Making a Flibber- Illustrated

There. You have a flibber. Congratulations.

Scaring People

Oh, boy. This one should be fun. In this section, I now have three ways of scaring people. They're just sort-of jokey type of scaring, not like heart attack scaring, where you draw out a knife on them or something.

This one is a surpise type of scaring. Make sure you at least have a victim to scare. Make sure he/she is real, so no Mr. Bun Bun or whatever. First, when they're walking down the hallway or something of the sort (which Mr. Bun Bun will not be able to do- hopefully), hide behind the corner of the turn they're heading towards. If that doesn't make sense, you can always check out my nifty little pictures.

When you sense that they are about a foot or two away from the corner, you can jump out or suddenly swinging your arm in front of their face, or whatever. Ooh, you can also jump someone with a flibber and give 'em a good scare. Heh... heh... Obviously, timing is what's important on this one. Your victim should act surprised and maybe try to get revenge on you later that day. ("Has anyone seen my inhaler?! Hey- I don't remember leaving my collection of nice, oily rags next to the furnace!") Anyway, onward we go.

For this scare, you should be able to act. Make sure your victim is sitting down or staying still while facing you. In middle of when they're talking, act normal and go like "mm-hmm... yeah... that's what my hair said, too" or whatever you talk about. Just act casual, when for some reason you start staring behind them (not at their back, but at something behind them). You sort-of freeze and stop paying attention to the person and continue to stare behind them. Then you start quivering (quiver- like a shivering- not shaking your body around and flailing your arms everywhere) and whispering "Oh... my... God..." or some other stunned expression. If you know how to drain the blood from you face without using a sharp instrument, that'll help to give a good affect, too. This works best when it's night time and there's an open window behind the victim. It's supposed to give a "What the **** is that thing behind you?!" type of feeling to your victim. It may not work every time. Sometimes it's your acting and sometimes the victim is just stupid. Have fun, anyways.

Woohoo! Here's one to try on your teacher if you know he/she doesn't go hard on the punishment or has no heart disorders. You will be needing a desk that has a top that opens up (and you can store stuff like books inside) and preferably a shirt or jacket with a collar.

Stick your head inside the desk and have your neck on the edge of the desk so if someone were to sit on the desk, your head would pop off (I'm very sorry. It was the best discription of head placement I could come up with. Suggestions would be appreciated if you think this would be too much for the little ones.) Close the top so it just touches the back of your neck and make sure no one smashes or sits on the top of the desk! Lastly, put your arms and hands on the top of the desk. You may twiddle your thumbs as wished. The should look like your head is missing. This is a good one to try!

The next is from the book "Kids Shinenigans" by Klutz Press, the greatest publisher of kids' activity books! You will need your finger, some cotton balls, ketchup, flour, and a little box with a lid, maybe around 3x3 inches. First, cut a small hole in the bottom of the box so your finger can fit through snuggly. Put your index or middle finger through the hole and put some cotton around it so you can't see the bottom of the box. Then powder your finger with flour so it looks pale. Next, spread the ketchup around the base of your finger, where your finger meets the cotton. Put the lid back on. Find a victim. Ask them something like "guess what I found outside?" or if you feel more devious, "look what (someone your victim loves) got you!". When you pique their interest, pop the lid off and scare the [dung] out of them. If you haven't figured out yet, it is supposed to look like someone's chopped-off finger in a box. Pretty nasty, eh?

Crispy Mats

Aaah... yes. The Crispy Mats. Always among my favorites. What you will need is newspaper or other paper (preferabally crappy paper that you don't need) and those anchor mats that keep your rolly chair a rollin'. If you still don't know what I'm talking about, they're those clear plastic mats with little spikes at the bottom for putting on the carpet, so your rolly chair can roll. And this may have happened to you before, but sometimes I'm in those huge office stores and I see a giant stack of those things and think what a nice flat surface it would be to sit on, but I soon find out some doofus left it upside-down! Oh, yeah. The Crispy Mats. Carefully lift up the Crispy Mat (pointy side down) and set a piece or more of newspaper under it. You can stack the newspaper to you liking. Last, walk all over the anchor mat. You should feel like you're walking on those bubble packaging things, but I think the crispiness produced is far crispier. Yeah.

Hand Whistling

This isn't the kind of whistling where you stick your fingers in your mouth and do a high pitched and loud whistle. Nope. I don't know how to do that kind. It's a kind that makes more of a choo-choo train sound.

Okay. Start by putting one hand on top of each-other, palms up. Have them slanty, like in the picture. Your right hand should cover your left hand's fingers, except leave about a centimeter or so of the bottom of your left fingers showing. You can also do this the other way around, with left hand on top. Again, if this is confusing, look at the pictures.

Next, fold your right hand (or whatever hand's on top) over and curl both hand's fingers around the other hand. Then, align your thumbs so they're squishing eachother. Squish together the rest of your hand, making sure no air can escape. Angle your thumbs' knuckles out a bit, so there is a small hole to blow in to. Put your lips on your thumbs' knuckles and blow. Don't blow too hard or smush your lips on your knuckles. It doesn't always work the first time. Try blowing in slightly different spots. Sometimes it helps to wet your hand before, to make sure no air escapes. Remember, don't let air escape from your hands, except from between your knuckles of your thumbs.

Launcher Blankets

The point of this one is to launch small things high into the air. First start with things like pencils or erasers. What you need is a puffy blanket. The puffier, the better. Next, smush the middle of the blanket down with the palm of your hand. Just smush a small section. Next, place the littly object in the "pit". To launch, smash the area next to the "pit" with your palms. It works a bit better if your palms are turned sort-of inward.

If you don't have a puffy blanket, there's another way to launch stuff, although it doesn't seem quite as fun to me. Just place the object in the middle or the farthest end from you on the blanket. Take the edge of the blanket in front of you and lift it about two or three feet by lifting the corners. Next, as fast as you can, smash the edge of the blanket down on the surface of the bed or ground or whatever the blanket's on. The blanket should make a wavy sort-of motion and flick the object into the air. Have fun.

Coin Football

This one's fun if you're just sitting at a desk, at school or at work. It's preferably played with 2 people. Actually, I think it's impossible with 1. Anyway, you need a desk with edges that aren't rounded. See another one of my interesting illustrations for more interesting detail.

You also need a quarter or nickel or whatever suits you. You start out by putting the coin on your side of the desk. Next, you flick or bump the coin with your finger 5 times. The first is a kick-off. The next four is to try to get part of the coin to hang over the edge of the desk. You must do that on 5. No less and no more. Then, you reach to that side of the desk and put your finger under where the coin is hanging over and try to flip it into the air and catch it. Yay. You scored. Now for the extra point. You spin the coin on it's side (I hope you know how to do that) and stop it by smushing it between your thumbs. The other person puts the ends of their thumbs together and forms the "U" thingy. With the coin smushed between your thumbs, pull your thumbs near you and try to launch the coin into the "U" thingy that the other person made. If you make it, good for you. Now it's the other person's turn.

Wrigglin' Straw Wrappers

I often like doing this at restraunts while waiting for food. You'll need a straw with a paper wrapper that is unopened and some sort of liquid. Stand the straw on the table vertically and slide the wrapper down and squish it to the bottom of the straw so the wrapper is scrunched like an accordian. Remove the wrapper and try not to unscrunch it. Then use the straw as a little eye-dropper and drop a drop or two of liquid on the straw. Prepare to be amazed (if you're the type who'd rather watch paint dry than go watch a movie)!

Butt Stompin' Balloons

It's like smushing a balloon by sitting on it. I think it's even more fun if you put a balloon (or a whole bunch of balloons) on a bed and then cover it with a puffy blanket. Next, jump up a bit and land on the blanket-covered balloons. Some people prefer this because it doesn't hurt as much as doing the same thing on a concrete floor.

Frustrating People

Like scaring people, there are many ways of frustrating people. I find out most of this stuff because they always happen to me. People can be so cruel. Anyway, read on to find out how to annoy the living- well, just read on.

If your victim likes playing games on the computer or often uses the CD-ROM drive, it's fun to put 2 CDs in the drive at once when they don't notice. Put any old CD at the bottom and put the CD they use most on top. I accidently did this once when I was going to play Warcraft2. The program told me to put my Warcraft2 CD in the drive and I thought I did. I opened the drive and made sure it was in there. I pressed the "Return" button several times until I took the 2 CDs out of the drive, which seemed like 1, since they stuck together pretty well (which is the point). I examined the CD to see if anything was wrong, and finally noticed I was holding 2 CDs and the drive was really reading the bottom CD. I don't know if this damages any of the CDs. Oh, well. If you're going to annoy someone, I guess it doesn't really matter.

Another way is one I got from a fellow surfer. Thank you again, BTW. What you do is just keep staring at the person. No matter what they say or do, just keep staring. If you want, you may say "nothing" or just trying to figure out what you are" or even "I saw a icky dead rat yesterday and I'm trying to tell the difference," though I must admit that is mean (or you may even turn it into a compliment by substituting "icky dead rat" for "a beautiful summer day" or "a masterpiece like Menk's Boredom-B-Gone Page").

You may like to bother others by placing one-sided tape on the floor, sticky-side up. Place several pieces on areas with heavy foot traffic. However, don't place too much in case the non-sticky side against the floor surface is slippery. The point is just to of course, frustrate the victim.

While amongst another pointless day at summer school, a way of frustration comes to me by accident. I messed up on an algebra word problem, so I erased the whole thing. There were plenty of eraser shreds on my paper, so I blew them away... right into the guy in front of me. I was lucky though- 1) the shreds are light so the guy didn't notice and 2) the guy (let's call him "Roy" (because that's his name)) is annoying and likes to gloat. Soon I was making a bunch of "mistakes" and erasing. Not after long, Roy grew a pink fuzzy back. However, be warned. Sooner or later your victim will find out you're doing this, so make sure you either don't go too far or that you can easily over-power them.

I guess my sister must've been pretty bored, too when she did this. I have a little paper clip container with those magnet openings, but that probably isn't real important. What she did was clipped all the paper clips together in one big chain, so when I pulled the one hanging out the edge, the whole chain came out. Ca, if you're reading this, you're probably laughing your head off right now and going, "Ha! Ha! Ha! Sucker! Ha! Ha!"

Mind-Boggling Rubberband Trick

Here's another trick you can perform almost anywhere. There may be a scientific explaination (a theory of mine, actually) but I'll save it for the end in case you would like to skip it.

You will need a rubberband that is cut so it's no longer a ring, but more like a string (heh heh... rhymes). Pinch one end between your pinky and palm so none is hanging out the pinky side of your hand. You might need buff pinkies, but most people are fine. Do the same with the other end of the rubberband so you can wrap your other fingers around the rubberband. Hold the rubberband with only the two pinkies and stretch it out while concealing the ends with your fingers. There should be about a foot or two of rubberband between your hand, depending on the size of the rubberband and if someone were to pluck it, it should make a nice "toing..." sound.

You're all set up now. Tell the person to watch closely, as you let go of one end, any end, of the rubberband with your pinky. The whole rubberband should zip into the other hand. Remember not to pinch with the other fingers and to keep them just loosely surrounding the rubberband. The person should not be able to see the rubberband because it is hiding in one of your hands. If some is sticking out, practice. You'll get it right eventually. Now tell the person to guess which hand the rubberband is in. Usually, they guess wrong. The best way to guess right if they do the same trick on you, is to guess the opposite hand you really think it's in or use your ears and listen. It works for some people. The next paragraph is the explaination, so if you want to skip, go ahead.

My theory is that most people guess wrong because of their brain ("Guess I should apologize to that bug I squished for blaming it."). It might be some sort of reversy thing with the eyes and brain chunks. I'm no expert.

Super-Jumpy Paperclip

This provides a bit of entertainment while sitting at a desk. All you need is one normal paperclip and good dexterity. First thing to do is unfold the paperclip, but not completely. Refer to the paperclip drawing below.

The ends should overlap several millimeters. Next, pull the ends apart, but not like side-to-side apart. Hold the bottom end down flat on a desk or something and pull the top end up about two inches. If you let go of the top end, it should stay about an inch above the table. Now here's the tricky part: pull the ends close together again and try to get the ends to latch on to eachother. It takes a while, but what it should look like when you're done is your original partially unfolded paperclip, except the top and bottom end is swapped. This may take a while, so be patient or just stop trying (that's not advice for life, just for the paperclip thingy). If you finally get it, prop up the paperclip on one of its edges- any except the one with the latched ends- then let go of the paperclip. If done right, which isn't every time, the paperclip should jump up about five feet, give or take five feet. If the paperclip doesn't "pop" open, just keep trying. Sometimes the jump is real weak and just hops a couple inches and twirls in the air, which isn't real amazing.

Don't do this in middle a class, since the paperclip sometimes jumps to bad places where you didn't plan before. A nice time to try is if you're waiting and downloading a file that takes several minutes.