If you bookmarked my site (heheh), please make sure it's set at Thanks.

Interactive Story and Nosey Survey now working again! :oD

New poll up.

New poll up.

Stuck a poem I wrote in junior year up in the Lala Land section. Wow. New content.

Mainly technical changes, like getting all the CGI to work. Pretty much everything works except the Interactive Story. I think I'll put up another poem sometime in the future. I actually wrote it last year, but never got around to posting it up. Front page counter, poll, guestbook, and quiz all now work. The quiz is kinda sucky, but it's functional. :oP

Updated Land o' Links. Heheh... what an update.
Happy new years, everyone!

New Interactive Story is up! Woohoo!

Summer rantings in the Random Thoughts section.

New link to something.

Happy Independence Day, everyone :o)
Updated links, added Evil Overlord Inc and Experience San Francisco (both fantastic super wonderful sites)

New random thought (although it's not that random :oP)

Messed with site design. Looks semi-crappola now because I haven't changed the font/link colors etc. May change them within a few years :o).

Steven's Birthday.
Still not a decent free web host out there :oP. Added funnee pic to Animetropolis.

Fixed the little CGI story thing where the arrows didn't display. Now they do. Yay. I haven't had much time to keep up with the entire story, but so far it's pretty fun and hopefull still clean. I've had to remove a couple story additions here and there, but otherwise, awesome job, people :o). I'm still searching for a nice, free, bannerless web host. Redrival is okay, but it's got some CGI and speed probs. Meh...

Bannerless, although also CGI-less, version of my site at Nice, but CGI is like half the fun of my site :oP. I guess there's no such thing as a completely free, banner/ad-free, full CGI capability site out there. Prove me wrong, somebody, prove me wrong :o).

NOOOOOOOOOO!!! The takeover has begun!! AUGGGH!! Banners! Everywhere!!! Get 'em off me, get 'em off me!!! Must... switch.... web host...... Stay tuned. On a happier note, the Poll Plaza is working again! Yaaay! TGICGI. Thank goodness it's CGI. Wait, that's lame. Never mind.

Random thoughts. Also, Prohosting, my once-beloved free and banner-free web hosting service has decided to force ads on their pages. So far I don't see any ads, so it's okay. I might start hunting for another web hosting service though, so in the rare occasion that you have my site bookmarked, make sure it's set to, because that thingy redirects to my real address, which I can switch around like however I want. I also need a server with CGI capability or my beautiful Interactive Story will be disabled, along with my lovely Guestbook. Nooooo! I'm sure I'll find a place. Sometime. Somewhere. Somehow. Somewhat.

Random thought. Updated Land o' Links.

Random thought added (sorta). Updated Land O' Links.

Woohoo! The Interactive Story is up! I'll think of a cooler name some other time. Go check it out!

New section, the generically-named History section that tells about the history of this site. I'll rename it when I think of something cooler. Also, update to the Land o' Links section. Nosey Survey is down cuz I can't figure how to mail stuff from Prohosting...

Just some minor tweaking of fonts, colors, etc, around the site.

Replaced my old online guestbook service with my own CGI guestbook. Hopefully everything works.

Added new section, Animetropolis and removed MIDIapolis for the time being. That section wasn't that cool, anyway. Added a couple random thoughts.

Check out the new kick-ass banner! Huh?! Yeah?! All right!

Added two random thoughts.

My first major update since like two years ago. I've added the Lala Land section and Random Thoughts section. Both should be pretty expandable, which means more updates in the future.