First of all, this page has nothing to do with anime. Sorry if the title was misleading. I was trying to emphasise the anim part for animation as in animated GIFs. Yeah, I don't anyone would've figured that one out. Well if you were hoping for something anime-related, I guess I could put a short blurb...

I don't watch anime. I've seen anime. I just don't watch anime. I have nothing against anime. Anime is cool. I just don't watch anime. I watch Simpsons though. Simpsons is kinda like anime.

Yeah, there's my blurb. All my GIFs are animatized (whatever) with Microsoft (sorry) GIF Animator, which is free (cuz I'm a cheapskate). PLEASE DROP ME A NOTE BEFORE (and if) YOU WANT TO USE ANY OF THESE FOR YOUR WEBSITE OR WHATEVER PURPOSE. Thanks. Now the cool animated GIFs...

I made this one for fun in '97 (about).
Also made during boredom time in '97 (about).
Same as above, but smaller and simplified.
The one on the welcome page of my site. Made in '97 (about). One of my faves.
Just assume these are all made during my boredom time unless otherwise stated. Made in '98
One of my old corny front page banners.

Okay, I actually made this one for my LinkExchange banner service. In about three years I received about thirty click-thrus. I guess it's up to you to decide whether it's good or bad. I mean, how often do people click on banners, much less even look at them? (except for that punch the monkey one, that one's kinda funny)
I made this one in '97 for my crappy Christmas theme. I guess everything has to be all politically correct these days so maybe I'll put a Christmas tree with a menora on top. I don't know what's Kwanzaa-related. And the Christmas tree will be supported by an aluminum pole. Hm... I'm not very politically correct. I should stop trying.

It's not animated but I didn't know where else to stick it. From Halloween of '98.

Another made during the same Halloween.
Hm... maybe you should just disregard this one...
This was clipped from the 6/11/00 Target advertisement.
Yeah, kid. You go ahead and swing that bat.

Again, please don't steal any of these pics without my permission. Thanks a bunch.